-Nature's Aqua Green Highly Nutritious Medicated Complete Super food and Feed Supplement


“Spirulina Entrepreneurs Research Centre” is my dream which came true and established & registered in the year 2011. This thought was initiated during my Research work when I identified Spirulina as a Super food.

In my voyage of Algalogy, I have come across many challenges in producing and identifying different algal varieties round the World. In the path, I have achieved many milestones in production of pure and high quality algal varieties.

When I came across “Spirulina” I thought like this is the only algae in the world which can relieve the Hunger Crisis of the World.

I have myself immersed in finding out the ways to develop the pure and high quality Spirulina. In a very short time I have succeeded in producing the pure mother culture rich in Vitamins, Proteins, Amino acids, etc., and highly resistance to any contaminations during its growth.

“I became WE” upon forming a group of scientists and we have succeeded in commercializing the Spirulina from Pilot stage to Commercial production.

Blessed by Nature, our 25Acres land is located far from all industries and free from any pollutants. Water in our area is tested and confirmed naturally Rich in Calcium and other essential minerals and free of any Heavy Metals.

Now we are able to produce Spirulina in Commercial scale with a capacity of 1MT / Month. With the help of our scientists, I am able to easily expand the production in a very short time. Technically skilled labor is a very big strength of us which helps in maintaining Ponds Clean and protecting them from any contaminations.